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liptov_hostel_rio de janeiro

These 3 minutes will be well spent.

Rasťo Hatiar (42) of Liptovsky Mikulas got it to the last image!

liptov_hostel_rio de janeiro

Short spot on one of the most beautiful regions of Slovakia is only proof that in the case Liptov the season does not matter.

Sun-drenched slopes in clear or thousands of people taking a local water parks in summer or autumn hikes in the Low Tatras … This and more camera captures growth in captivating 2.5-minute spots about Liptove.

“Its mission is to promote one of the most beautiful and most visited regions in Slovakia. It also promotes the spot throughout Slovakia, as many of its beauties and attractions are just the Liptov,” says the author, that the individual images were collected last year from spring to autumn. The spots are in addition to the various attractions flashes known Slovak faces whose birthplace is just Liptov. Skyer Petra Vlhová, canoeist Alexander Slafkovský or band Ploštín Punk are just cream on the cake of enchanting 2.5-minute video.

After all, see for yourself:

LIPTOV official spot 2014 from Rasto Hatiar on Vimeo.

Homesick today ;-)


Smile. It’s a nice day.

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