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Do you Remember Karina? Read her story

If you can, of course ;-)


Natal/Vechta Hautnah miterlebt hat die Vechtaerin Karina Grieshop die Spiele der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft im Estadio das Dunas in Natal, der Hauptstadt des Bundesstaates Rio Grande do Norte in Nordostbrasilien. Zur NWZ hält die 29-Jährige, die schon bei der WM in Südafrika als FIFA-Volontärin gearbeitet hat, per E-Mail Kontakt.

Im April, zu der Zeit arbeitete Grieshop an der Rezeption im Lisetonga Hostel in Leme (Rio de Janeiro) an der Copacabana, erhielt sie die Zusage vom Fußballweltverband. Danach besorgte sich die ULF-Abiturientin von 2004, die Barcelona Tourismus studiert hat, ein Ticket nach Natal, und eine Unterkunft vor Ort….go on here.


Luis leaving

Luisin Leaving.

Join us in wishing our Luisin all the best as he is moving on from Lisetonga. We liked him a lot, as did our guests. Read on what they say:

Luis leaving

Luisin, que onda? Fue un buen rato que has pasado aqui con nosotros. De tarde, de noche, con los tours excellentes, ayudando con las motos. Te echaremos de menos y siempre estarás en nuestros corazones. Muchas gracias y mucha suerte!!!

Smile. It’s a nice day.


Ester treating neighbours (Parrot vs Cat).

Cats can be very particular about who and what they’ll tolerate. But they can also be laid back and learn to get along with just about anyone – as we are just learning with Ester and our neghbour cat. See for yourselves.


Julian and Luis are apparently having great time showing Ester how to treat neighbours. Mutual tolerance (and maybe some curiosity) is obviously there. We suggest that in the interests of cross-species communication, Ester should learn to meow. That may take a while though.

As of now, all the relationships are held at a diplomatic paw’s length and under supervision of Julian and Luis as facilitators.


Smile. It’s a nice day.