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2014: What is next? Are you artist? Want to finance material? Contact us. :-)

In 2011, when we moved to Ladeira Ary Barroso, we decided that we should be good neighbours to the street we live in. We wanted from the beginning to make it a better and nicer place to live. We wanted a cleaner and nicer street.We wanted to bring colours and art.

Between 2011 and 2013 we bought thrash bins for the street, where missing. We also invited three different groups of artists to create beauty.Franz helped us with Rio Eu Amo Eu Cuido art. Daniel helped us with jellyfish art. X-Dog and Plebe helped us with jungle art, our tower lounge.

In late 2013 we started talking about bigger things. Question was: “Do you think e we can make a 140 square meter mosaic on a public wall in front of our house?” Now in March 2014 it seems we can. X-Dog and Plebe flew in from Prague together with Frazer and Nikol, we added hundreds of volunteer work and what was needed to obtain the material. The mosaic is called Mural Babilônia.

What’s next? We know what we want to do. So, Are you artist? Do you want to finance material? Contact us, or click on ‘donate’.

are you artist

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