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augo legau

Ia ixcrever augu legau maix fautô eduKssão.

Today as we all will cheer and shout BRASILLLLL!!! let the shout be not for Neymar and the gang. Not this time. Not that they dont deserve it. They very much do.

Lets shout BRASILLL !!!! and claim today for us, for the citizens, who do deserve better value for our taxes paid. Better schools, safer streets, hospitals with less cues, serious support for small businessess, and the list can go on and for a while.

augo legau

So let’s shout and hope that the poster of this sharp mind, so sarcastic, sad and true, together with so many others will make the authorities think and, more importantly, act.

Lets take the streets, with NO vandalism, please :-) As our friends from Rio Eu Amo Eu Cuido say, throw flowers, not stones.


Smile. IT’s a nice day.