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lisetonga ceramics

Still cannot find us?

Some people mentioned that it was difficult to find the house. Infact, we have been using the line

“HARD TO FIND. HARD TO FORGET.” for a long time, also because of that.

On a recent family trip with Liz faimly, last January, we encomended tile artwork in colonial style with “Lisetonga – Rio de Janeiro” on it”.

It came in, few weeks later and we proudly put it on. Ester is with us there checking out the tile sealing finish.

lisetonga ceramics

We think it matches nicely the other tiles and mosaic in the street, part of Mural Babilonia project.


Smile. It’s a nice day.

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hostel lisetonga outside wall

Color+City and Color+Lisetonga Hostel

With the head line “Mais Cor Por Favor” (More color please) Color+City is a movement for making our cities and streets more colorful. It connects the people who paint, a.k.a. artists, with people who control urban spaces and are willing to donate the right to paint. How?

• Are you an owner? It is as simple as donating wall, uploading a cool picture of it and waiting for artist to contact you.

• Are you an artist? It is as simple as browsing through available spaces, book it and then over next 35 days make it happen.

hostel lisetonga outside wall

A grey street does not invite you to live a dream. It is easy to throw away some rubbish in a grey street. Less so in a colorful lively beautiful street. This is the way in which we, in Lisetonga hostel, want to contribute to make Ladeira Ary Barroso a colorful lively beautiful street.

To encourage the participation of artist from outside Rio de Janeiro, we also offer bed and breakfast for the time of art work, with limit up to 20 days. Contact us, or look for us in Color+city.


Smile. It’s a nice day.