Wall project

Artwork coming. You CAN help.

We at Lisetonga decided to make our street and the community of Babilônia more beautiful. We have contacted artists. Tomas Bylina and Ondrej Vyhnanek. They prepared a very beautiful model that you can see below. We ask for a little contribution, using our Paypal account for this matter. We will double any donation, i.e. if you donate 1 Real, Lisetonga will donate another  1 Real, making it 2. If you donate 100 reais, Lisetonga donates another 100 reais, making it 200. Etc.

The total budget for the project is 14.000 Reais. Will we make it? Depends on all of us. Click on Paypal DONATE button below and follow the instructions. It is not more difficult than buying a book online. Do it:


1. Look at where we are now.

Wall before

2. This is what we measured. Its about 40 metres of wall, of varying height.

Wall measured

3. This where we CAN be with your help. Click on PayPal DONATE button.

Wall project

If you are interested in seing detailed fragments of the artwork, click on the below galery:


Thank you! Obrigado! Spasiba! Dakujeme! Gracias! Dekujem! Bedankt!!!!:-)))) Because together we can.*This post was originally posted on January 4, 2014. We changed the date so that the blog appears on the top again. We started to work on the wall now and it looks GREAT.