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Rio’s Fresh Crop of Hostels

Moon Travel Guides published an article on Rio’s fresh crop of Hostels. Together with Bossa Rio, Vidigalalbergue, Oztel and Zebra, it mentioned Lisetonga. Smart choice. Lisetonga is in fact one of the good new (not so new now as we are in 3rd year of life) hostel in Rio.

We also agree with Moon saying: “Rio’s hostels are not just increasing in quantity; they’re also improving in terms of quality.”

But lets see what they have to say about Lisetonga Hostel:

“At the extreme end of Copacabana’s famous crescent of white sand, Leme is a quieter, more residential, and less touristy strip of beach that sits in the shadow of Sugar Loaf (as well as the recently pacified favela of Chapéu Mangueira). Opened in 2011, Lisetonga’s Hostel occupies a grand whitewashed house, one of many once fancy abodes that were abandoned out of fear of encroaching favelas. This small, homey hostel features pretty patios, a cinematic spiral staircase, and a tower with a view, not to mention savvy staff and proximity to the world’s most famous beach.”

This is the cinematic spiral staircase:

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Lisetonga in other travellers’ blogs

One day we googled our name “Lisetonga”. After all sort of hostel booking pages, the interesting pages started to pop up. Here are some:

1. Despicable Dee and its post Rio Rio Rio Rio wrote this: 

“…After returning from Ilha Grande, Jess and I moved hostels from Lisetonga (in leme) to CabanaCopa (in Copacabana). We are now closer to the action but Lisetonga staff were so nice… and well yeah I kinda regret the move. NO MATTER!!! The last night….”

But hey, click above and read the rest for yourselves. This what Despicable Dee was talking about:

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2. I PACK MY BAGS in its post In Love with Rio wrote this: 

“…During the first days, I stayed at Lisetonga’s Hostel. Here’s where I met a couple of cool guys, it’s a good place to get to know people. It’s situated in Leme, next to Copacabana, but close to a pacified favela – which means cheap food. And guess what I found there: hot showers! I hadn’t had hot showers for more than a month!….”

But hey, click above and read the rest for yourselves too.

3. Life as Vagabonds in its post A Perfect First Day in Rio, laying in one of our hammocks, wrote this: 

“…Next up the bus ride to The Lisetonga Youth Hostel. ‘We’re travellers now’ we thought. We don’t need to get a taxi, travellers take the bus. With the locals. Oh how wrong we were. 

After trying to explain to our bus driver where we needed to go ‘Copacabana beach, por favor) we sat back and waited. The system in Rio seems to be that the driver remembers where each passenger needs to be dropped off, then shouts out when we reach that destination. But not us. It seems our driver forgot where we told have. So after hurtling down Avenue de Presidente Roosevelt and Avenue de Presidente Wilson, and ultimately past Copacabana Beach, we told him to stop and let us out. We decided we needed to do what we didn’t want to do in the first place, we flagged down a taxi. Turns out we might need a bit more practice at this whole ‘traveller’ thing….”

But hey, click above and read the rest for yourselves too.

4. On the trail of Atahualpa in its post Rio de Janeiro, wrote this: 

“…We managed to get to our hostel which was at the end of Copacabana beach (yippie!) but just at the entrance of a Favela (oh oh!). But they say it is a “pacified” favela which makes it safer.

At first glance it looked good, there was a police car at the entrance, and another one 400 metres up the very steep hill. Right opposite our hostel was a community centre and the police, we were told, stay there 24/7. The hostel looked very nice (Lisetonga Hostel), nice open space, friendly staff, good size TV room, clean kitchen and bathrooms and a central patio where breakfast is served weather permitting. It used to be a mansion but with the expansion of favelas in the 50′s and 60′s many of the wealthy people living in such mansions moved somewhere else.

We were supposed to move to another hostel for the last 2 nights in Rio but we immediately decided to extend our stay here and cancel the other one. Experience had taught us to grab a good hostel when we found one.….”

And they did very wise move there. ;-) But hey, click above and read the rest for yourselves too.

5. Eric MCelvaney In his “Go Everywhere” blog, wrote this: 

“…. I checked in to my hostel which was beautiful inside!  Big and spacious, and designed like a castle with round rooms and court yards...”

But let’s be honest :-) Mike did not enjoy everything at Lisetonga. Click and read for yourself.

6. Viajando nas Fronteiras in its “Dicas Sobre Viagens”, wrote this: 

“…. Lisetonga Hostel: outro com bom preço, próximo a praia de Copacabana, o único problema é que fica numa ladeira, mas o resto é muito bom….”

And they give lots of other good dicas (tips) on Rio. Click and read.

7. Des Carolan in its “Descovering Central and South America“, wrote this: 

“…. Before coming here we had fortuitously found out that our travel amigos from way back in March who we had studied Spanish with in Guatemala: Elaine and Dan would be sharing the city of our final departure. They had also given us the name of our hostel Lisetonga and despite my initial misgivings, this turned out to be a great call…..”

Click and read.